MAKING HISTORY As BiNet USA's President, thefayth, attends first ever bisexual health workshop at NiH, co-chaired by Dr. Wendy Bostwick and Dr. Brian Dodge, this #biprideday.

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#bihealth is the hashtag for the Bisexual Health Workshop at NiH.


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About Bisexual Pride Day or Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Created by BiNet USA organizers Wendy Curry, Gigi Raven Wilbur and Michael Page (#bially) to kickstart bisexual visibility. Thank you Wendy, Gigi and Michael! Thank you elder BiNet USA organizers, near and far <3

That the organizers of this meeting chose to invite BiNet USA as the only national organization present for this historic first step is notable, and that they chose the date of 9/23/ further follows in bi tradition. May our ancestors b proud ~thefayth, the artist formerly known as Faith Cheltenham

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